• J - P

    • Keyboard Shortcuts
      Shortcut keys to activate Incredible Charts commands from the keyboard.
    • Legend
      Display the chart legend, show/hide indicators and edit their colors.
    • Live Updates
      Incredible Charts automatically updates when when there is a new version available on the server.
    • Log & Normal Scale
      Use log scale to view charts with large price variations, normal scale for shorter-term charts.
    • Mac Users
      There is no special Mac version but some users successfully run Incredible Charts with Vitual PC.
    • Menus & Toolbars
      Menu and toolbar commands.
    • Point & Figure Setup
      Create custom Point and Figure chart s from the Indicator Panel.
    • Premium Members
      Assistance for new subscribers.
    • Price & Time Scales
      Adjust scales for the price and time axes
    • Price Bar
      OHLC Volume and Date are displayed on the price bar below the chart.
    • Print Charts
      Create handy print copies of charts.
    • Project Customize
      Set a project to open with a custom security, time period, chart interval, chart type and log/normal scale.
    • Project Tabs
      Recently used project files are displayed as tabs below the price chart (and indicators), above the bottom price bar. Click on a tab, for example [Relative Strength], to display the project ...
    • Projects Add
      Create new project files for your separate trading systems. Save all customized chart and indicator settings.
    • Projects Explained
      A project contains a set of indicators, trendlines, captions and default settings. A project does not contain data relating to specific securities. All data is stored in a ...