The legend Legend button on the View menu or toolbar displays the chart legend.
You can also use "L" on your keyboard to display/hide the Legend.

chart with legend

To abbreviate the Legend:

  • Select Format Charts >> legend Abbreviate Legend.

Legend Colors

Use the Legend function to amend the indicator colors on a chart:

  • Open the legend Legend
  • Click the color block in front of an indicator
  • Select a new color and click OK.
color palette

Hide Indicators

Use the Legend function to temporarily hide an indicator or the price bars:

  • Open the legend Legend
  • Clear the check box in front of an indicator
  • To hide the price bars, clear the box in front of the Security name (Fedex Corp in the example below)
indicator legend
  • The indicator/price bar will remain hidden until you check the box or restart Incredible Charts.

Hide Security Name

Right-click on the legend button legend and clear the check box in front of Show Equity Name.

hide equity name