Projects: Set Defaults

You may want to create more than one project, each with a different appearance.

  • Format Charts allows you to create a separate color scheme for each project;
  • Indicator Panel creates indicators for a specific project; and
  • View >> Project Defaults controls how the project opens:
    • On a specified security;
    • The time period;
    • Chart Interval - whether daily, weekly or monthly; and
    • Chart Type - whether OHLC, Candles or Closing Price.

default project options

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Equivolume and Point & Figure Projects

Pre-set project files are available at File >> Open Project (or on the bottom project tab).
See examples below.

Note that the daily project is called Default.

Creating your own Project Defaults

  1. Set up a chart as you want it to appear on opening the project;
  2. Select View >> Project Defaults or simply use the F6 shortcut key;
  3. Existing defaults are displayed in [square brackets]
    [Weekly] at the top of the above example is the project name;
  4. Amend the settings by selecting either:
    • Use Current Chart Type to create a new default; or
    • Remove to clear an existing default;
  5. Click OK when completed.


Default Security

Only set this if you want the project to open every time on a specific security, such as the S&P 500. It should be left blank if you are creating separate Daily, Weekly and Monthly projects; or a specific study to be used in conjunction with other projects (e.g. Multiple Moving Averages).

Time Period

Time period can be varied from 1 Month to 10 Years or longer.

Chart Interval

Daily, weekly or monthly chart interval. This can also be used to set Equivolume or Point & Figure charts as the default.

Price Scale

Logarithmic or Normal price scale.

Chart Type

Select from OHLC, Candles or Closing Price.


Here are some of Colin's favorite project defaults:

Project: Default* Weekly Monthly PnF PnF Index
Default Security: none none none none none
Time Period: 3 Months 3 Years 6 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Chart Interval: Daily Daily** Daily** Box 5
Reversal 2
Closing Price
Box 1***
Reversal 2
Closing Price
Price Scale: Normal Log Log Normal Normal
Chart Type: Candle/Close OHLC/Close OHLC/Close    


*    The Default project doubles as the "Daily" project file
**   Colin prefers the Closing Price line graph but many will select weekly and monthly intervals
***  Use a smaller P&F box size of 1 for low volatility stocks and indices

Appropriate indicators can be added to each project.

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