Projects: Set Defaults

You may want to create more than one project, each with a different appearance.

  • Format Charts allows you to create a separate color scheme for each project;
  • Indicator Panel creates indicators for a specific project; and
  • File >> Project Defaults controls how the project opens:
    • On a specified security;
    • The time period;
    • Chart Interval - whether daily, weekly or monthly; and
    • Chart Type - whether OHLC, Candles or Closing Price.

default project options

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Equivolume and Point & Figure Projects

Pre-set project files are available at File >> Open Project (or on the bottom project tab).
See examples below.

Note that the pre-set daily project is called Default.

Default Project Incredible Charts always opens with the Default project open. Use this project for your most popular settings.

Creating your own Project Defaults

  1. Set up a chart as you want it to appear on opening the project;
  2. Select View >> Project Defaults or simply use the F6 shortcut key;
  3. Existing defaults are displayed in [square brackets]
    [Weekly] at the top of the above example is the project name;
  4. Amend the settings by selecting either:
    • Use Current Chart Type to create a new default; or
    • Remove to clear an existing default;
  5. Click OK when completed.


Default Security

Only set this if you want the project to open every time on a specific security, such as the S&P 500. It should be left blank if you are creating separate Daily, Weekly and Monthly projects; or a specific study to be used in conjunction with other projects (e.g. Multiple Moving Averages).

Time Period

Time period can be varied from 1 Month to 10 Years or longer.

Chart Interval

Daily, weekly or monthly chart interval. This can also be used to set Equivolume or Point & Figure charts as the default.

Price Scale

Logarithmic or Normal price scale.

Chart Type

Select from OHLC, Candles or Closing Price.


Here are some of Colin's favorite project defaults:

Project: Default* Weekly Monthly PnF PnF Index
Default Security: none none none none none
Time Period: 3 Months 3 Years 6 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Chart Interval: Daily Daily** Daily** Box 5
Reversal 2
Closing Price
Box 1***
Reversal 2
Closing Price
Price Scale: Normal Log Log Normal Normal
Chart Type: Candle/Close OHLC/Close OHLC/Close    


*    The Default project doubles as the pre-set "daily" project file
**   Colin prefers the Closing Price line graph but many will select weekly and monthly intervals
***  Use a smaller P&F box size of 1 for low volatility stocks and indices

Appropriate indicators can be added to each project.

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