• T - Z

    • About the Trading Diary
      Explains the purpose of the Trading Diary, how to interpret the Market Strategy and how to search the diary archives.
    • Data Update Times
      20-minute delayed ASX and SGX updates, and 15-minute delayed LSE, TSX, NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX updates.
    • Display Period Select
      How to select a time frame to display on your chart such as 6 months, 1 year, 5 years
    • Time Zones
      Advice on converting times in different countries.
    • Toolbars Customize
      Left-click and right-click commands for toolbars
    • Trend Channels
      Trend channels are used to track the momentum of a trend, with peaks (or highs) frequently respecting the upper trend channel; and troughs (or lows) respecting the lower ...
    • Trendlines
      Draw trendlines on a chart.
    • Undo/Redo
      Easily undo or redo recent changes.
    • Uninstall
      To uninstall, open Uninstall.exe in the Incredible Charts folder
    • Watchlist Emails
      Set up daily or weekly watchlist emails that can be exported to spreadsheet.
    • Watchlists
      Save time: Add securities to your watchlist.
    • Watchlists in Excel
      Creating watchlists with Excel
    • Watchlists Multiple
      Organize your securities into multiple watchlists.
    • Zoom
      Drag your mouse pointer to zoom in on a specific chart period