Watchlist Updates

Save time by setting up daily email updates of your watchlist. Setup is a bit convoluted, but we do plan to simplify the process.

Set Up Daily/Weekly Watchlist Updates

  1. Open the stock screener (View >> Stock Screens)
  2. Select an Exchange (e.g. Australia)
  3. Select a Watchlist (e.g. My Watchlist)
  4. Sort By >> Sector
  5. Add Filters >> Price >> Filter >> Minimum >> 0 >> Add
  6. Click the Save Screen button and give your screen a name (e.g. My Watchlist)
  7. Click the Saved tab at the top of the Page
  8. Find the saved screen and click the Schedule link next to it
  9. Select how often you want to receive an update (e.g. Daily or Weekly) and click OK to save

You will receive a daily/weekly email with closing prices for your watchlist. Click the Export link at the top of the table to export to a spreadsheet.