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Time Period

You can change the number of periods displayed on the chart to suit the time frame that you are analyzing.

  • Click on Time Period in the main menu.
  • Select a Time Period by clicking on the drop-down list.
Select a Time PeriodManually select the number of periods to displaySelect the time period to display


You can enlarge the view of any time period using the Zoom function.

Scrolling Time Periods

The scrolling toolbar enables you to scroll back and forward on the time scale.

scrolling toolbar

Chart Complete Data

In order to improve loading speed, time periods are limited to 3 years. You can chart longer time periods if you override this default setting. The only limit is the amount of data on the server.

  • Select Time Period on the main menu.
  • Click Chart Complete Data on the drop-down menu.

Chart 3 Years Data

To improve the chart loading speed:

  • Select Time Period on the main menu.
  • Click Chart 3 Years Data on the drop-down menu.

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