Scrolling Toolbar

The scrolling toolbar in the top right corner of the price chart enables you to scroll back and forward on the time scale (unfortunately we cannot provide data for tomorrow :-).

scrolling toolbar

Adjust the Scroll Period

Right-click on the scrolling toolbar to change the scrolling interval

change scrolling interval

Alternatively, select View >> Advanced Options >> Scroll Period or click Shift + F3 on your keyboard.

Larger intervals will scroll faster.

Scroll Back/Forward

Scroll back or forward using the scroll back or scroll forward buttons on the toolbar
or use the left and right arrows on your keyboard.

Reset Scrolling

Reset to the latest time period using the reset toolbar to latest data button on the toolbar
or use Shift + right arrow on your keyboard.

Scroll to Start

Scroll to the start of the data using the scroll to start of data button on the toolbar
or use Shift + left arrow on your keyboard.