• Moving Average Oscillators

    • Commodity Channel Index
      Donald Lambert's Commodity Channel Index (CCI) highlights overbought and oversold markets and likely turning points.
    • Detrended Price Oscillator
      The Detrended Price Oscillator isolates the short cycle, providing powerful trend signals on divergences.
    • MA Oscillator
      The Moving Average Oscillator simply compares closing price to the moving average.
    • MACD Indicator
      The problem with oscillators is that they often whipsaw. Trading MACD large swings and divergences provides more reliable signals.
    • MACD Histogram
      The MACD Histogram (Moving Average Convergence Divergence Histogram) provides far earlier and more responsive signals than the original MACD, but is also more volatile.
    • MACD Percentage
      MACD Percentage Price Oscillator is a variation of the MACD indicator. The major difference is the percentage scale which enables comparison between stocks.