Get Started with Incredible Charts

Premium Service

Incredible Charts offers:

  • Premium Service with regular updates, premium indicators, stock screen filters and no ads;
  • Budget Service with end-of-day data updates, and access to most other Premium features.

A 5-day Free Trial of the Premium Service will automatically activate when you install & register the Incredible Charts software for the first time.

Select a Stock or Index

Data is fetched directly from our online database when you select a stock symbol.

security toolbar
  1. Select an Exchange on the toolbar
  2. Enter the security symbol
  3. Click Load Security or hit the Enter key.

Exchange Codes You can also type the exchange code as a suffix (e.g. AAPL_US) in the security field using a space " " or underscore "_" to separate the symbol and the exchange.
  • ax = Australia
  • ca = Canada
  • us = US Equities & Indexes (including NYSE, NASDAQ, OTCBB & OTC Markets)
  • uk = United Kingdom
  • fx = Forex
  • pm = Precious Metals
  • cm = Commodities
  • ix = World Indices

To find a stock, use Search on the Securities menu, the toolbar Search or shortcut key F3.

Backup Watchlists and projects (indicators, trendlines & captions) are stored on your hard-drive. It is advisable to backup these files on a regular basis.

Select a Chart

You can use the toolbar below, or the View menu, to select chart type, chart interval and price scale.

Select a Chart

The chart type sets the line or bar presentation. There are five basic chart types:

  • close Close plots a single line representing closing price
  • ohlc OHLC uses bar charts with Open High Low and Close to reflect price performance
  • candle Candlesticks highlight the relationship between opening and closing prices
  • equivolume Equivolume combines price and volume information to confirm price movements
  • p&f Point And Figure focuses on price movements to identify support, resistance & chart patterns

See Chart Types for further details.

Hint Candle/Close and OHLC/Close
Will automatically display a closing price line if you select a lengthy time period — where the candles become too crowded.

The chart interval sets the period covered by each bar. Intervals range from 1-minute to Annual, with Daily and Weekly the most frequently used bars. See Chart Intervals for further details.

Logarithmic Price Axis on the View menu or toolbar (below) sets the price axis to Logarithmic or Normal Scale.

Change the Time Frame

To change the chart time frame, select Display Period on the main menu.

time period menu

Hint Different time frames are displayed, depending on the data-set (daily, hourly, minute) in view.

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