Getting Started: Stock Screener

Here is a brief example of how to find trending stocks.

Open the Stock Screener

  • Select Securities >> Stock Screens on the chart menu; or
  • click Stock Screener on the toolbar.
stock screen on toolbar

Select the Exchange and Index

  • Click the Reset button to clear any existing filters;
  • Select the Exchange
  • Select the Index or Watchlist (optional)
  • Increase Results/Page if there are likely to be many returns
  • Sort By will order results by ascending or descending Stock name, Symbol or % Price Move
stock screen on toolbar

Hint You will get no return if you:
  • Select a Watchlist that contains no stocks from the chosen Exchange; or
  • Select a Watchlist that contains no stocks from the chosen Index and/or Sector.
Returned stocks will match the chosen Exchange, Index, Sector and Watchlist.

Set the Moving Average Filter

Filter for stocks that are above their 100-day exponential moving average:

  1. Select Moving Average (Exponential)
  2. Choose a fast moving average or Close (for closing price)
  3. Select Above (bull signal) or Below (bear signal)
  4. Choose a slow moving average (100-day in the example)
  5. To identify recent cross overs, select Within.
    Select Exclude to identify established trends where the fast MA remains above (or below) the slow MA for a minimum period.
  6. Select the number of trading days to include (within) or exclude.
    All captures all stocks above (or below) the MA.
  7. Click the Add button, then Run Screen.
stock screen moving average crossovers

Established Trends

Click on the MA header to order from the highest days above the MA to the lowest.

stock screen return moving average highest days

These are strong trending stocks. Entry opportunities often present themselves when stocks dip back to the moving average and the 3-month % price move is low.

New Trends

Click on the MA header to reverse the order.

stock screen return moving average lowest days

Prices often whipsaw around the moving average and stocks should be treated with caution where closing price has been above the moving average for less than 20 days. However, new trends can sometimes be identified by high 3-month % price moves.

View Chart from Stock Screen

  • Double-click on a stock; or
  • Right-click and select Chart the Selected Security.
stock screen display chart

Scroll Charts on Stock Screen

To scroll the stock screen list select Scroll Stockscreen on the toolbar, then:

  • Use the yellow arrows on the chart toolbar, or
  • Right-click the down arrow and select a stock from the list.
stock screen scroll arrows

Save to a Watchlist

To add a stock to your watchlist:

  • Click the watchlist icon on the chart toolbar.
stock screen save chart

Save Stock Screen as a Watchlist

You can save up to 500 stocks as a new watchlist. On the Stock Screen's results page:

  • Use the F8 shortcut key; or
  • Right-click on the stock screen and select Create Watchlist Automatically Adding Top 500 Securities.
stock screen save watchlist

Hint Only stocks shown on the current results page will be included in the new watchlist. Use the navy toolbar arrows to scroll between results pages, or increase the Results/Page on the Stock Screen Filters page.

That should be sufficient to get you started. Click on the Help or FAQ links (below or on the top menu bar) if you have further questions.

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