Getting Started: Working with Projects

What are Projects?

A project is a file that contains its own:

  • indicators;
  • trendlines;
  • captions; and
  • chart format.

Projects do not contain price data which is stored separately.

Why use Projects?

Separate projects enable you to customize charts for specific purposes:

  • More than one trading system;
  • Groups of indicators;
  • Daily, weekly and monthly studies with default time periods and chart intervals; and/or
  • Sectors or industry groups with their own indices.

Do I have to use Projects?

No, some users are content to use the Default project alone. Incredible Charts always opens with the Default project file; if you do not want to use projects do not open another project. This allows the program to 'remember' your settings, views and trendlines between sessions.

Select a Project

Incredible Charts always opens with the Default project file. To open a different project, select a recently used project from the bar below the charts:

project tabs

To display the full list of projects, use the show all projects button, or File >> Open Project.

Create a Project

To create a new project:

  1. Select File >> show all projects New Project on the chart menu
  2. Enter a new name and click OK
  3. Then customise your project as required

We have also [pre-loaded] a number of indicator studies in the project menu.

pre-loaded projects in square brackets

Customize a Project

Customise your project by setting Project Defaults [F6], adjusting the Chart Format, and adding indicators. Use the Indicator Panel to add indicators, and the Format Charts menu to set a specific color scheme, font size, grid or indicator width. To set Project Defaults:

  1. Open the project and set your chart as you want it to display;
  2. View >> Project Defaults [F6] opens the Options window
set project defaults
  1. Leave Default Security unless the project is intended for a specific stock or index
  2. Set Time Period, Chart Interval, Price Scale and Chart Type to Use Current...
  3. Click OK

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