Getting Started: Indicators & Overlays

Indicator Guide See the Indicator Guide for a list of available indicators, with trading signals, trading examples, and details of construction. Or click the indicator name in the center of the indicator panel.

Add an Indicator

  1. Select Indicators on the main menu to open the Indicator Panel.
indicator panel
  1. Select an indicator from the left column
  2. Adjust the settings in the center if necessary
  3. Save the indicator add an indicator. It will appear in the right column
  4. Click close indicator panel to close the Indicator Panel

Hint When you save add an indicator an indicator it is saved in whichever project file is open. You do not need to save using File commands.

Compare Stocks

To compare two stocks or indexes:

Price Comparison
  1. Select Price Comparison (Intercept) in the left column of the indicator panel.
  2. Select a stock or index from the pop-up menu (e.g. $DJI).
  3. Leave the intercept date blank unless you want the comparison to start from a specific date.
  4. Change Security to Project if you want the comparison to display for all stocks in a project.
  5. Save the indicator add an indicator and close the panel.

Change the Screen View

When you add more than 3 indicators they may appear blank because they are too small to display meaningful information.

blank indicators

Click full screen view in the left margin for a full screen view of a chart or indicator.
Click split screen view to display a split screen view of an indicator and the price chart.

indicator below chart

Click view all indicators to return to the default view with all indicators.

Hint To adjust the relative size of the two charts in split screen view, drag the border up or down with your mouse.

Hint Adjust the number of indicator slots visible below the price chart by selecting View >> Advanced Options >> Visible Indicator Slots.

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