Getting Started: Watchlists

Watchlists may be used for saving, listing and scrolling through a number of stocks and/or indices.

Create a Watchlist

  • Select Watchlist >> New Watchlist on the chart menu
  • Create a name (for example My Stocks) and click OK

To add a stock or index to a watchlist:

  • Open a chart
  • Click add to watchlist icon Add Security To Watchlist on the toolbar
  • Select your watchlist from the pop-up menu

Create an Index Watchlist

  • Select Securities >> Stock Screens on the chart menu
stock screener sp500
  • Click Reset to clear any existing filters
  • Select an Exchange
  • Select an Index (e.g. S&P 500) or Watchlist
  • Select Maximum Return: 500 Securities
  • Run Screen
  • Use the F8 shortcut key to create a watchlist

Review a Watchlist

Select your watchlist to review it; either:

  • Select Watchlists >> Set Active Watchlist on the chart menu; or
  • Select Scroll Watchlist on the toolbar, then right-click the up-arrow.
  • Select your watchlist (e.g. My Stocks) from the menu.
set active watchlist

To review stocks in your active watchlist, either:

  • Select Scroll Watchlist on the toolbar, then use the up/down arrows to scroll through the list; or
scroll active watchlist
  • Right-click the down-arrow on the toolbar and select a stock from the watchlist menu.

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