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    • About the Trading Diary
      Explains the purpose of the Trading Diary, how to interpret the Market Strategy and how to search the diary archives.
    • Advanced Options
      Commands that are complex or infrequently used are placed under View >> Advanced Options
    • ASX Option Codes
      ASX Options are issued with a six letter code....
    • ASX Warrant Codes
      ASX Warrants are issued with a six letter code...
    • Back Testing
      Use the scroll buttons on the toolbar to simulate actual trading conditions.
    • Backup
      It is advisable to backup your watchlists and project files on a regular basis.
    • Candlestick & OHLC Colors
      Candlesticks are colored according to opening and closing price, OHLC by comparing closing price to the previous close.
    • Captions
      Incredible captions - highlight buy and sell signals and record your observations right on the chart...
    • Chart Construction Details
      This page explains some of the issues surrounding actual construction of the charts ...
    • Chart Intervals
      Use the View menu to switch between chart intervals such as minute, hourly or daily bars.
    • Chart Types
      Candlesticks, bar charts, equivolume, candlevolume and point and figure
    • Chart Views
      Chart types, log and normal scale, legends, crosshairs, price and time axes, indicator views and screen splits.
    • Crosshairs
      Use cross-hairs to line up bars on a chart, or to check dates or price levels.