ASX Warrant Codes

ASX Warrants are issued with a six letter code. The letters describe some of the major features:

  • the first 3 letters describe the underlying security:
    • Index warrants
      XJO - ASX 200 index
      XDO - Dow Jones Industrial Average
      XND - Nasdaq 100
      XSP - S&P 500
      XNK - Nikkei 225 index
    • Currency warrants
      The first letter represents the delivery currency, the second letter is always X and the third letter indicates the exercise currency.
      AXU identifies Australian dollar/US dollar exchange rate.
    • International warrants
      The first letter Z identifies commodities or international stocks:
      ZAU - warrants over fine gold
      ZDI - warrants over Diamonds Trust units
      ZBH - warrants over ADRs of BHP Billition plc ords (LSE)
      ZBR - warrants over shares of BIL International Ltd (NZSE)
      ZRI - warrants over ADRs of Rio Tinto plc ords (LSE)
  • the fourth letter identifies the type of warrant:
    • W - general call or put warrants relating to equities, indices or currencies;
    • I - instalment warrants;
    • E - endowment warrants;
    • X - structured warrants, such as capital protected warrants or capped warrants;
    • D - temporary code assigned to a warrant with deferred settlement;
  • the fifth letter identifies the warrant issuer;
  • the sixth letter shows the warrant series:
    • A ~ O is reserved for call warrants;
    • P ~ Z is reserved for puts.



  • ANZ represents Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited;
  • W indicates that the instrument is a warrant;
  • P identifies the security issuer as BNP Paribas;
  • L identifies the warrant as a call warrant.