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Premium Service

Incredible Charts offers a Premium Service with access to the HTML5 version, regular updates, premium indicators, stock screen filters and no ads.

A 5-day Free Trial will automatically activate when you register for the first time.


  1. Register as a member to access a free trial.
  2. If you are already a member, login here.
  3. Bookmark the above link in your browser for ease of access.

Select a Stock or Index

stock selection
  1. Select an Exchange on the toolbar
  2. Enter the security symbol
  3. Submit (3) or hit the Enter key.

Exchange Codes You can also type the exchange code as a suffix (e.g. AAPL_US) in the security field using a space " " or underscore "_" to separate the symbol and the exchange.
  • ax = Australia
  • us = US Equities & Indexes (including NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC Markets)
  • ca = Canada
  • uk = United Kingdom
  • fx = Forex
  • pm = Precious Metals
  • cm = Commodities
  • ix = World Indices

To Search for a stock, select Search icon on the toolbar.

search for a stock

Select an Exchange and then one of three options:

  • Symbol starts with
  • Name starts with
  • Name contains

Select a Chart

Use the toolbar to select the chart type, chart interval and price scale.

Select a Chart

There are four basic Chart Types:

Chart Interval sets the period represented by each bar, with options from 1-minute to Annual. Daily and Weekly are the most popular intervals.

To change the Price Axis to Logarithmic Scale, select the Log button on the toolbar.

Change the Time Period

Select a Time Period for the chart from the drop-down box on the toolbar.

time period menu

Hint Available time periods vary depending on the chart interval (daily, hourly, minute) selected.

Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar below the chart can be hidden or displayed by clicking NAV on the toolbar.

Click and drag the handles on the Navigation Bar to alter the chart time period as shown below.

scroll nav bar

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