Trading Risk

Money Management

  • Money Management
    Money management is designed to protect your capital from drawdowns. Capital preservation should be your #1 priority.
  • The 2% Rule
    Don't risk a large percentage of your capital on a single trade. Follow the 2% Rule.

Stop Loss Orders

  • Stop Loss Orders
    Stop loss orders are limits set by traders at which they will automatically enter or exit trades.
  • Setting Stop Loss Orders
    Base your stops on technical levels otherwise they will cost you money. Arbitrary levels are liable to be breached by the normal cycle.
  • Adjusting Stop Loss Orders
    Lock in your profits and ride the trend, avoiding shake-outs by minor corrections.
  • Maximum Acceptable Loss
    An objective formula used to assess the risk associated with each trade.
  • Trailing Stop Loss Orders
    A powerful formula for limiting losses, protecting profits and avoiding false signals.
  • Trailing Percentage Stops
    Trailing Percentage Stops work with a ratchet effect, trailing price movements by a set percentage.