• Indicators

    • Indicator Add/Edit
      Customize indicators to suit your needs. Add new indicators plus Point and Figure charts.
    • Indicators Premium
      Some indicators are only available to Premium Data subscribers or during a free trial.
    • Relative Strength
      The Relative Strength indicator is set up using the Price Comparison indicator. Indicators are saved to your Project ...
    • Indicator Smoothing
      Smooth indicator lines with an exponential moving average.
    • Indicator Colors
      Use the Legend to amend indicator colors on a chart. Click the color button alongside the indicator title.
    • Indicator Show/Hide
      Use the Legend function to temporarily hide an indicator or the price bars
    • Sector Analysis
      From Stan Weinstein's Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets - a breakout model for trading stocks and shares in a longer time frame ...
    • Indicator Display
      Formats to display or hide indicators below the price chart.