Adding Relative Strength

The Relative Strength indicator is set up using the Price Comparison indicator.

Hint Indicators are saved to your Project
When you save an indicator it is saved in whichever project file is open on the project tabs.

You do not need to save using File commands.

Open the Indicator Panel:

  • Click Indicators on the main menu.

Select Price Comparison at the top of the left column

Select an index.

  • For example, select the S&P 500 [SPX] under Indexes or All Ordinaries [XAO] under Australia.

Amend the default settings in the center panel:

  • Select Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • Select Apply to Project if you want Relative Strength to display all stocks;
    Apply to Security if you only want to display RS for the current stock.

Save and Close

  • Click to save the indicator;
  • Click to close the Indicator Panel.

Hint When adding indicators that appear on the price chart, be sure that you have the required Daily, Weekly or Monthly chart in view. The indicator will be added to whichever chart is open.