Indicator Display

Display/Hide Indicators Below Price Chart

When you add more than 3 indicators below a chart, the indicator displays may appear blank if too small to display meaningful information.

hidden indicators

You can scale the indicators to view one at a time, or select Click here to display all indicators in the the top Indicator Slot to show all indicators in the space available.

To adjust the number of visible indicator slots, click View >> Visible Indicator Slots.

Scale Indicators

To expand the right-axis of the price chart or an indicator slot, click the button to the left of the relevant pane.

Use full screen view to obtain a full screen view of a chart or indicator.

Use split screen view to obtain a split screen view of the price chart and an indicator.

Use view all indicators to return to the default view with all indicators displayed.

Hint Users with the Chinese version of Windows (and possibly other special regional versions) may not be able to view the Screen View buttons as these are not in their ASCII character set. You will still get the mouse-over hints if you place your mouse pointer over the left margin in the indicator slot.

Re-order Indicators

Click in the left indicator margin. Drag and drop indicators to change the order.

indicators drag and reorder

Display/Hide Indicator Values

The latest value for each Indicator Line is provided in the right margin of each chart. Mouse-over the value to display the indicator's legend description.

To hide these values, right-click on one of the values and select Hide Indicator Latest Values.

display/hide indicator values

To restore, select View >> Advanced Options >> Show Indicator Latest Values.