• Education

    • Technical Analysis
      Technical analysis is founded on three basic tenets from Dow Theory, underpinned by the concept of support and resistance..
    • Dow Theory Trends
      Dow Theory lays out the basic principles of technical analysis, identifying trend changes and bull and bear markets.
    • Chart Patterns
      Chart Patterns are formed by support and resistance levels and by trend lines.
    • Candlestick Patterns
      Candlestick chart signals that may not be apparent on a normal bar chart.
    • Trading Strategy
      Know what to trade, what direction to trade, how to trade, when to trade, how much to trade, your costs, your time frame, and when to quit.
    • Stock Screener
      Identify trending, ranging or potential breakout stocks with the Stock Screener: Moving averages, MACD, Bollinger bands, Twiggs Money Flow, Directional Movement, RSI, Stochastic, Twiggs Momentum......
    • Active Investing
      Active investors combine fundamental and technical analysis, moving in and out of the market in accordance with the phases of the business cycle.
    • The Yield Curve
      Negative yield curves have proved reliable predictors of economic recession. However, recent experience in the United Kingdom and Australia raises questions...