Stock Screener

The Stock Screener is downloaded as part of the Incredible Charts application and is used to identify securities that warrant further analysis. It is not advisable to trade on the strength of the Stock Screen alone.

Start Stock Screening

  • Select View >> Stock Screen on the chart menu, or
  • stock screen icon on the toolbar.

Stock Screener Input

Stock Screener Input Page

If you merely want a list of all stocks in an exchange:

  1. Select an Exchange
  2. Click the Run Screen button

Index or Watchlist

To limit your search to securities in a particular index, or one of your watchlists, select an Index (e.g. NASDAQ 100) or Watchlist (e.g. W: World Indicies) in the drop-down list.

Stock Screener Input Index
Stock Screener Input Watchlist

Tip You can use this feature to save all component securities (of a selected index) to a watchlist. Select the Index, click Run Screen and Save the Return as a watchlist.


Use the Sector option if you want to limit your choice to a particular sector or industry group. For example, select Materials >> Metals & Mining >> Gold for the Gold Mining industry.

Stock Screener Input Sector
  • All Equities - all stocks or indexes;
  • Sector Indices - lists all sector indexes (not securities) that meet your search criteria;
  • Individual Sectors - filters for stocks in a specific sector.

Sort By

Sort the list of returned stocks by either:

  • Stock - sorts results in alphabetical order;
  • Sector - groups results by sector;
  • Symbol - alphabetically
  • % Price Move - percentage price movement over the selected period.
Stock Screener Input Sortby


To add a filter:

  1. Select a folder in the Filter section (e.g. Moving Average(Exponential))
  2. Input required data
  3. Select Add
Stock Screener Input filter

After the Filter has been added it can be deleted or edited by selecting Delete or Edit to the right of the filter.

Stock Screener DelEdit filter

Run Screen

Use the Run Screen button to start the search, when you have set all your filters. The screen will display message, "Please wait...screen results being collated.", after results have been collated the stock screen results will be displayed.

Stock Screener run screen