• Trading Styles

    • Breakout Model
      Stan Weinstein's powerful system for trading long-term trends: the model combines a number of proven techniques to identify breakouts.
    • Trading Trends
      If you are going to trade trends, no matter what the time frame, you are likely to encounter three major problems: false starts, early shakeouts and ...
    • Momentum Trading
      In its simplest terms, momentum refers to buying stocks which exhibit past over-performance. Eugene Fama, the father of the efficient market hypothesis, refers to momentum as "the premier unexplained anomaly".
    • Momentum Trading II
      Dr Bruce Vanstone shows how to create Momentum simulations using the ASX 200 as an example
    • Momentum Trading III
      Dr Bruce Vanstone summarizes the key characteristics of investing using momentum based approaches and discusses some approaches to managing risk in momentum models and the benefits investors can expect when investing with rules-based funds.