• Money Flow

    • Accumulation Distribution
      The Accumulation Distribution Indicator tracks the relationship between price and volume, acting as a leading indicator of price movements. The strongest signals are divergences.
    • Chaikin Money Flow
      Developed by Marc Chaikin, the Chaikin Money Flow indicator often warns of breakouts and provides useful trend confirmation.
    • Chaikin Oscillator
      Marc Chaikin's oscillator monitors the flow of money in and out of the market.
    • Ease of Movement
      Richard W Arms' powerful Ease of Movement indicator highlights the relationship between volume and price changes; useful for assessing the strength of a trend.
    • Equivolume Charts
      The greatest advance in the last decade, equivolume exposes price and volume interaction.
    • Force Index
      Developed by Dr Alexander Elder, the Force index combines price movements and volume to measure the strength of bulls and bears in the market.
    • Money Flow Index
      Money Flow Index measures trend strength and warns of likely reversal points.
    • On Balance Volume
      Developed by Joseph Granville, OBV provides a powerful measure of accumulation and distribution by comparing volume to price movements.
    • Price Volume Trend
      The Price Volume Trend indicator measures the strength of trends and warns of reversals.
    • Twiggs® Money Flow
      Colin Twiggs' Money Flow is a derivation of the Chaikin Money Flow indicator. Position above/below the zero line gives advance indication of breakouts, while divergences warn of reversals.
    • Williams Accumulation Distribution
      Williams Accumulation Distribution is traded on divergences. When price makes a new high and the indicator fails to exceed its previous high, distribution is taking place.