Twiggs® Proprietary Indicators

Proprietary Indicators are designed by Colin Twiggs to highlight different aspects of buyer/seller sentiment or enthusiasm.

Twiggs Money Flow and Trend Index

Twiggs® Money Flow

Twiggs Money Flow compares closing price to true range and combines the result with volume to highlight buying or selling pressure.

Twiggs® Trend Index

Twiggs Trend Index performs a similar function to Twiggs Money Flow but it uses volatility rather than volume to gauge the strength of market sentiment.

Twiggs® Momentum Oscillator

Twiggs Momentum is a smoother form of the traditional Momentum oscillator. Ideally suited to longer-term trends, Twiggs Momentum highlights changes in trend velocity (or momentum), offering advance warning of bullish or bearish trend reversals.

Twiggs® Smoothed Momentum

Twiggs Smoothed Momentum is an even longer-term version of the Twiggs Momentum oscillator.

Twiggs® Volatility

Twiggs Volatility uses average true range to measure volatility. This is not a directional signal. Unusual volatility normally warns of a rise in bearish sentiment but on occasion may also warn of a strong rise in bullish sentiment. The indicator should therefore only be used in combination with reliable trend direction indicators such as Twiggs Momentum, Twiggs Trend Index or Twiggs Money Flow.

Volume Twiggs® Standard Deviation

Volume Twiggs Standard Deviation uses standard deviation to highlight unusually high or low activity on the volume chart.