Save Charts

You can save charts as image files for later recall. The images will not update with data that is added later.

Save Chart as Image [F11]

If you want to save a particular chart image:

  1. Select the chart view that you require.
  2. Select File >> Save Chart as Image on the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Yes / No when prompted: "Do you want to display the chart legend?"
  4. Select a folder to save the chart in.
  5. Enter a filename
  6. Select a file type: the default is PNG (*.png) or you can select Bitmap (*.bmp)
  7. Click Save.

Set Image Size

The default image size is 651 x 395 pixels.
To adjust the default image size:

  • Select File >> Set Image Size
  • Enter the image Width, click OK;
  • Enter the image Height, and click OK.

Selected image size is remembered between sessions.

View My Saved Charts

Select File >> View My Saved Charts, then choose the saved chart image you want to view.

Explore My Saved Charts Folder

The File >> Explore My Saved Charts Folder command lists all saved chart images.