Exchange Menus

Under Securities on the main menu you will find a list of securities exchanges:

securities exchange menu

Upload Exchange Menu

Select an exchange and you are asked if you want to upload exchange menu Upload .... Menu. This imports a listing of all securities quoted on that exchange.

  • Exchanges that are automatically loaded at each session are indicated by automatically loaded
  • Exchanges that are not loaded at each session are indicated by not loaded

You do not need to upload exchanges for the securities toolbar or securities searches, only for browsing. Loading too many menus will slow the application as these files need to be updated at the start of each session.

Remove Autoload

When a menu is uploaded it will load automatically at the start of each session (and slows the opening of the charting application). It is not necessary to retain this unless you regularly chart a large number of securities from that exchange.

If you only chart a few securities, it is far more efficient to:

  • add to watchlist Add securities that you regularly chart to a watchlist, and
  • remove autoload Remove Autoload of exchanges that you seldom use
  • Use the search options search options to find securities.