Select a Security

Enter a Security Code

securities toolbar
  1. Select an Exchange on the toolbar
  2. Enter the security symbol
  3. Click the Load Security button or hit the Enter key.

Alternative #1

You can also type the exchange code in the security field:

securities toolbar with exchange code

It is quicker to use a blank instead of an underscore (e.g. bhp ax)

Exchange Codes

Exchange codes are:

  • ax = Australia
  • ao = ASX ETOs & warrants
  • ca = Canada
  • us = US Equities & Indexes (including NYSE, NASDAQ, OTCBB & OTC Markets)
  • uk = United Kingdom
  • fx = Forex
  • pm = Precious Metals
  • cm = Commodities
  • ix = World Indices

Last 30 Stock Codes

You can also use the drop-down list to select recently loaded securities:

last used security codes

Startup Default Security

You can now set a default security via Securities >> Set Current Security as Startup Default.

set startup default security

If the File >> Project Defaults >> Default Security is set, this will take precedence over the Startup Default.