Email Charts

Email charts as an image from within Incredible Charts:

  1. Select the chart view that you wish to email;
  2. Select File >> send email Email Charts, or use the M keyboard shortcut;
  3. This opens a new message (in your default email program) and inserts the chart as a picture;
  4. Address the message and send.

Send Emails with Outlook

The default email program is set to Outlook Express.
To send emails with Microsoft ® Outlook, select View >> Advanced Options >> send email Send Email With Outlook. This will switch the default email client to Outlook.

Email Troubleshooting

No Chart Attached

If you send an email and the recipient does not receive any charts with the email, please check your Email software settings:

  1. Open Outlook Express;
  2. Select Tools >> Options >> Send
  3. Click the HTML Settings button under Mail Sending Format;
  4. Ensure that the Send pictures with messages box is checked;
  5. Click OK twice.

No Email Message

If you get an error message "Class Not Registered" then check the Advanced Features settings:

  1. Select View >> Advanced Options;
  2. If you use Outlook Express, clear the Send Email with Outlook selection;
  3. If you use Outlook, select Send Email with Outlook.

Other Email Software

The Email Charts function will only work with MS Outlook or MS Outlook Express. If you want to send with another email browser:

  1. Save [F11] the chart as an image
  2. Open an email in your prefered email browser
  3. Insert or attach the image file.

You can set the image size at File >> Set Image Size.