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Loading Data From External Websites

Data can only be imported from Yahoo at this stage. Please notify us of any other websites that you would like us to include in future versions.

Securities Field

securities lookup

To load stock codes directly in the securities field, preface them with y_ to load from Yahoo.


  • y_msft (Microsoft)
  • y_^ftse (FTSE 100 index)
  • y_tsco.l (Tesco - LSE)
  • y_reliance.ns (Reliance Industries Ltd - NSE)
  • y_tatamotors.bo (Tata Motors - BSE)

Load by Symbol

To import data from Yahoo using the window:

  • Select Securities >> Load By Symbol From Yahoo; or
  • Keyboard shortcut CTRL+Y.
load by symbol from yahoo

Then enter the stock code (msft for example), select an exchange, and click the Load button.

Hint Securities loaded from Yahoo are cached for 15 minutes - to force a load from the Yahoo server use the Securities >> Refresh Current Security from Server option (shortcut key CTRL+F5).

Symbol Lookup

symbol lookup

To open the Yahoo Symbol Lookup web page:

  • Select Open Yahoo's "Symbol Lookup" web page from the toolbar Search menu; or
  • Click the icon on the toolbar.

Delayed Quotes

  • Click the new toolbar button delayed quotes to access delayed quotes (from Yahoo); or
  • Use keyboard shortcut Q.

Useful Links

Pages load with an Incredible Charts header containing a drop-down menu (at the top right of the frame).
Useful links include:

  • Yahoo symbol lookup; and
  • Market summaries.
quick links

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