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Loading Data From Disk

load data from disk

Import your own data in ASCII format directly from your hard disk:

  • Select Securities >> Load By Symbol From Disk; or
  • Keyboard shortcut CTRL+D; or
  • Preface stock codes with d_ in the securities field. For example: d_msft.

Data Format

Only Yahoo format is recognized at this stage. Download an example file (1.8KB).

Please note:

  • A header row is required;
  • Column order is Date, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume;
  • Date format is 26-Mar-06 (or 26-March-06 or 20060326 or 01/26/2007 or 26/01/2007).

File Extensions

Ideally, all data files should have the same extension (or no extension). Incredible Charts remembers the extension of the last data file imported (for example .csv) and will use that on any subsequent file with no extension.

The default folder and default extension are remembered between sessions.

Hint To set the file extension to blank, use CTRL+D >> Select ASCII Data Folder and re-set the folder. The default extension will be restored to “ ”.

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