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Trading Guide


The Trading Guide is intended as an introduction to technical analysis and trading, providing an overview of a broad range of subjects rather than an in-depth study.


When studying charts on the Trading Guide, place your mouse over the caption for an explanation of the signal.

The Basics

It is important to have a sound understanding of the basic concepts of technical analysis before progressing to indicators and more complex chart patterns.


Dow Theory - Trends
Primary and secondary trends - when they start and when they end.

Time Frames
How the market trends in more than one direction.

Support and Resistance
How support and resistance lines are formed and their significance.

Chart Basics
Explains control, commitment and long and short positions.

Bar Charts
How to identify short-term trends and who has control of the market.


Trading Basics
The basic requirements for a trading system.

Stop Losses
How to protect your capital.


Indicator Basics
Divergences, failure swings, respecting and whipsawing around MAs.

Moving Averages
Use moving averages to identify trends.

Single Moving Average
Using filters with moving averages.

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