• Stock Market Investing

    • Active Investing
      Active investors combine fundamental and technical analysis, moving in and out of the market in accordance with the phases of the business cycle.
    • Fundamental Analysis
      What is Fundamental Analysis? Fundamental analysis attempts to determine the present value of a stock based on its expected future cash flows.
    • Value Investing
      The critical questions in value investing are: At what rate will earnings (and dividends) grow over the investment period? What is the (investments) risk? Can management be trusted...
    • PEG Ratio
      The PEG ratio is a powerful formula which compares earnings growth and the Price Earnings Ratio: Divide the current Price Earnings Ratio by the expected long-term growth rate (in earnings per share) ...
    • Focus on Dividends
      How to calculate the value of future cash flows to you and assess your margin of safety.