Stock Screener: Trends

Screening For Trends

To find stocks that are trending, we apply one/both of the following filters:

Moving Average Crossovers

By excluding the last 20 days we eliminate whipsaws and focus on established trends.

MA Crossover Close 100 Day Exclude Last 20 Days

Select Bear Signal for down-trends.

Directional Movement: ADX Value Filter

This filter will return all strong trending stocks, both up- or down-trends.

Directional Movement ADX Value Minimum 25

Volume Filter

You can also add a Volume Filter to eliminate illiquid or non-trading stocks.

Volume Filter 2 Day Minimum 5000

Sort the return by clicking on the header of the MA or ADX column.


Laboratory Corporation [LH] shows the highest MA value: 270 days above the 100-Day MA.

LH typical trend

International Flavors/Fragrances [IFF] shows the highest ADX value of 69.

IFF typical trend