Stock Screener - Saved Screens

To view your saved screens, select the Saved Screens tab at the top of the Stock Screener.

Stock Screener Tabs

The Saved Screens tab offers you the option to either:

  1. Run a saved screen;
  2. Edit a saved screen;
  3. Delete a saved screen; or
  4. Share a saved screen.
Stock Screener Saved Screens


The Run command will run a screen with your saved settings, including:

  • Exchange;
  • Index;
  • Sector;
  • Watchlist;
  • Sort By and Sort Order; and
  • Results Per Page;

If unsure of your settings, rather select Edit and then Run Screen when you have checked/adjusted them.


The Edit command will take you back to the Create Stock Screen page, where you can Add or Delete filters.


The Delete command should only be used if you do not want to later recall your saved settings. Deleted files cannot be retrieved.


The Share command will add your saved screen to the public domain where it can be viewed, copied or run by all users. Shared screens are highlighted in teal/green.