Stock Screener - Save Screen

First, use the Add Filters menu to add filters. These will be displayed in the Current Screen section.

Second, click the Save Screen button.

Stock Screener Save Screen

Last, create a unique name for your saved screen. Choose something descriptive so that it will be easy to find when you have saved a number of screens.

Stock Screener Save Screen

The saved screen will then be displayed on the View Saved Screens tab.

Run Screen

After you have saved the screen, you can still click the Run Screen button in order to execute the screen you have just saved.

Edit Screen

You can also add or delete filters and save as a separate screen.

Saved Filters

The Save Screen button will save the displayed filters plus the following settings:

  • Exchange;
  • Index;
  • Sector;
  • Watchlist;
  • Sort By and Sort Order; and
  • Results Per Page;

Scheduled Screens Scheduled screens can have a maximum of five custom filters.