Stock Screener: Breakouts From A Base


To find stocks that are breaking out from a long-term base, we need to screen for stocks that have started to trend and are making hew highs. Use the following filters.

Directional Movement: ADX Crossover

ADX crossing above 20 signals a stock that has started to trend.

Directional Movement ADX Crossover 20 Percentage Price High 100 Minimum

Percentage Of Price High

Identify stocks making new highs by screening for 100% Minimum Percentage Of Price High.

Volume Filter

Add a Volume Filter to eliminate illiquid or dormant stocks.

Volume Filter 2 Day Minimum 5000


Yahoo [YHOO] turned up in a screen of the S&P 500 for stocks with 12 Month Price Move less than zero and Closing Price above the 100-Day EMA.

Yahoo stock screen breakout

Mouse over chart captions to display trading signals.

  1. Enter when price respects the 100-day MA (not on the first cross-over).
  2. Look for confirmation from Twiggs Money Flow respecting zero -- signaling accumulation.