Stock Screener: Twiggs® Momentum

Twiggs Momentum is particularly useful in identifying well-established trends. In this screen I use 50-Week Twiggs Momentum to identify long-term trends with the potential to last several years.

Signals are taken when 50-Week Twiggs Momentum rises above 50% or when Momentum forms a trough above the 50% line. In the example below, ASX stock REA Group (REA) signals commencement of a strong trend at the two green arrows.

REA Group (REA) with Twiggs Momentum signaling trend entry points
  1. Twiggs Momentum rises above 50%, signaling the start of the trend.
  2. A second entry point is signaled when Twiggs Momentum forms a trough above 50%.

Screening for Twiggs® Momentum

I created a stock screen to help identify trending stocks above 50% on 250-Day Twiggs Momentum.

ASX 200 Stock Screen for 250-Day Twiggs Momentum with 63-Day New High

The scan combines three filters for the ASX 200:

  • 250-Day Twiggs Momentum above 50%;
  • 13-Week Twiggs Money Flow above zero; and
  • A 63-Day New High formed in the last 5 trading days.

The idea is to capture stocks with strong momentum that also signal buying pressure (Twiggs Money Flow above zero) and have recently commenced a new rally, forming a medium-term New High.

Try the scan and let me know whether you find it useful.

The scan is available as Shared Screen #98063:

  • Select Stock Screener on the toolbar
  • Select the Shared tab
  • Search for ScreenID 98063

Select View if you want to amend the Exchange or Index (e.g. to US Stocks and S&P 500).