Incredible Charts - Mobile Application Features

Incredible Charts mobile application will eventually form the backbone of our service, integrated across desktop, smartphone and tablets.

Development is still in the early stages and users can expect regular updates as new features are added.

Here is a quick guide.


Select a watchlist from the main menu (Main Menu >> Watchlists >> Select).

Main Menu

Create a Watchlist

Select Watchlists from the main menu, then select Add/Remove from the watchlist menu.

Watchlist Menu

Type a name and click the (+) button.

Open the watchlist by selecting the name in the top menu area (or by selecting from the list).

Add Stocks

Select Add/Remove Symbols from the watchlist menu.

Search for a name or symbol and select from the list presented.

Sort Stocks

Select Sort from the watchlist menu.

There are two options:

  • A - Z which sorts alphabetically; and
  • Drag to Sort if you want to create a custom order.

Watchlist Layout

There are two options:

Watchlist Menu
  • Select a Layout from the watchlist menu.
  • Or select Edit Layout to create a new Layout or edit an existing one.

Edit Layout

Select a Layout from the list. Add or remove fields by checking/un-checking the boxes.

Watchlist Layout

Sort Layout

Select Sort Fields fom the layout menu. Drag to sort.

Watchlist Layout Menu

Navigate Watchlists

To return to a watchlist, select the name in the top menu area.

To scroll to another watchlist, use the left (<) and right (>) scroll buttons in the top menu area.

Watchlist Navigation

Or select a watchlist from the main menu.

Select a Chart

Select a stock/index in the watchlist. A chart will display.

Chart 3 Months

Use the left (<) and right (>) scroll buttons in the top menu area (shown above), to scroll between charts.

Stock Charts

Select Find a Stock from the main menu.

Find a Stock

A chart will display when a stock/index is selected.

Drag the chart (down) to display available chart periods.

Chart All

Create an Alert

Select a stock from a watchlist, or the main menu, and select Create Alert.

Stock Menu

Complete the alert fields, then select the Add button.

Create Alert

View an Alert

Your mobile device should vibrate and/or emit a sound when an alert is received. A yellow alert signal (!) will be displayed in the top menu area.

Select the triangular alert signal (!) or navigate to Alerts on the main menu then select Alerts Received from the alerts menu.

Alert Menu

Delete an Alert

To delete an alert, select Alerts on the main menu and then clear the appropriate check-box.


Edit an Alert

Select an alert from the Alerts menu (or Alerts Received) to view or edit. Click the Update button to save your changes.

Important Notice

Please note that not all data feeds are live. Alerts will be sent when prices are received. Also be aware that electronic communication and data feeds are prone to a number of inconsistencies. We cannot guarantee that alerts will be correctly sent and/or received by your device. Please always cross-check prices with your broker.