Stock Screens

Internet Explorer update

Do you have Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (or later)? 
Check under Help >> About.
Earlier versions of Internet Explorer may have compatibility issues with Javascript which is used extensively on the Stock Screens.

Screens return few or no stocks

If the Stock Screen does not return any stocks, or returns less stocks than expected:

  • Click the Reset button and then Run Screen:
  • If this does not render a return, the Run Screen button does not work.
  • If a return is rendered, set your previous parameters and then Run Screen.
    If you now get a return, then it is likely that you had inadvertently set an extra filter
     - removed when you clicked the Reset button.

Run Screen button does not work

If you have the latest version of Internet Explorer but the Run Screen button still does not work,
try the Connection Checklist to establish whether there is interference with your Internet connection.