Ad-Blocking or Internet Content-Filtering Software

The addresses that Incredible Charts uses to communicate with our servers are sometimes altered by ad-blocking software or content-filtering software software. If the charting application cannot contact the server for any piece of information it will keep on trying, affecting the performance of your charting software and our servers.

  • Test Incredible Charts with the software disabled, to see if this improves performance.
    Some pop-up blockers block the connection even when disabled. You have to uninstall them.
  • Don't forget to re-enable/re-install the software after the test.
  • Your software may have to be configured to allow Incredible Charts to communicate with the Internet


If you want to limit your settings (not recommended) to specific addresses, you will need to permit connection to the following:

  •    Port 443
  •      Port 80
  •      Port 80
  •  Port 80