Importing and Exporting Files

Importing and Exporting Files

These commands enable you to transfer your project files, with indicators, trendlines and captions, and watchlists between computers.

  • Project files have a .ini extension;
  • Watchlists have .viz extensions;
  • The folders can be ignored - these merely record Undo/Redo settings.

Export Files

To export files to a removable disk:

  1. Select File >> Export Files.
    Scroll to the right and select the .ini and .viz files in the folder. Ignore any sub-folders.
  2. Select a removable drive (eg. D:) to save to.
  3. Click OK
export files

Import Files

To import files:

  1. Select File >> Import Files.
  2. Select the drive (eg. D:) to import from.
  3. Highlight the .ini and .viz files to import.
  4. Click OK


It is advisable to backup your watchlists and project files on a regular basis. Use the Backup Settings function to schedule an automatic backup of your project files and watchlists.