• Trading Psychology

    • Trading Psychology
      Your biggest enemy, when trading, is within yourself. Success will only come when you learn to control your emotions.
    • Know Your Trading Style
      What personality style are you? And how does this suit becoming a trader?
    • Searching for the Holy Grail
      Most traders are on the lookout for ways to improve their trading, but some dedicate their lives to searching for the holy grail.
    • Trading With Emotions
      Before you can manage your emotions it helps to understand what causes them. Our brains and endocrine system are a veritable narcotics factory...
    • Investors Logic
      Investors often use distorted logic when buying stocks: what goes up must come down? Stocks that rise steeply in price and make new highs are viewed as expensive ...
    • Gamblers Logic
      If I toss a coin and heads turns up five times in a row. Which side is more likely to turn up the next time? Heads or tails?