Proxy Server: Local Area Networks (LAN)


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Check your LAN proxy server settings:

  1. Go to Internet Explorer and select Tools>>Options>>Connections
  2. Click the LAN Settings button (under Local Area Network settings)

  1. Is the box under Proxy Server checked?
    Some readers have reported that the problem disappeared when they amended their proxy server selection:
    • Un-check the Proxy Server box: (Use a proxy server for your LAN )
    • Ensure that the Automatically detect settings box is checked.
    • Attempt to connect with Incredible Charts.
    • If the test is successful, consider leaving the settings as they are 
      (provided that other software is not affected).
    • If the test is unsuccessful, re-check the Proxy Server box
      and contact your ISP to confirm that your proxy server settings are correct.

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A LAN firewall normally prompts for a Username and Password before allowing access the internet.

  1. A firewall cannot be bypassed. Your administrator will need to create firewall permission.
    Remove all reference on your computer to:
  • incrediblecharts.*
  • 208.70.245.*

from the proxy bypass / exceptions. See LAN settings above.