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% Of Price High

The % Of High compares the current closing price to the previous high:

  • The latest closing price is compared to the highest closing price during the specified time period.
  • The Minimum and Maximum fields are percentages, so 100% should be entered as "100", without the decimal.
  • Negative numbers are not permitted.


  • Minimum %
    Today's close is not less than the specified percentage of the highest closing price.
  • Maximum %
    Today's close is not more than the specified percentage of the highest closing price.
percent of price high stock screen


Enter 100% as the Minimum %, to find securities that have made new highs.

To Set the % Of Price High screen:

  1. Select the Price filter
  2. Then select the Percentage of Price High filter
  3. Select a time period for the filter
  4. Enter an amount in the Minimum or Maximum fields
  5. Click on the Add button to add the filter.

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