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Editing Chart Images (with MS Paint)

Members of the Chart Forum are requested not to post images with the names or links to other software.

Use a simple graphics program such as MS Paint to edit saved images.

Microsoft Paint

The program is standard with Microsoft Windows:

  • Go to Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Paint

To open an image:

  • Use File >> Open

To remove text:

  • Select the Rectangle in the left toolbar [7]
  • Select rectangle type [8]
  • Check that the border color [9] is black or gray
  • Drag the rectangle over the text
  • Use the Color Select/Color Fill commands (see below) to match the rectangle color to its background.

removing text

You can also use the Eraser to remove text:

  • Select the Eraser in the left toolbar [1]
  • Set the size at [4]

erasing text

To fill a blank (deleted) space with color:

  • Use the Color Select [3] to select a color
  • Use the Color Fill command [2] to fill color.

To crop an image to the correct size:

  • Drag the buttons [5] and [6], at the center of each border, until they are flush with the edge of the chart
  • Use Image >> Attributes to adjust the width to 650 and height to 600, if the image is larger than your screen.

adjusting image size

To save the image:

  • Select File >> Save As
  • Enter a name
  • Select PNG as the image type (in place of the default BMP).

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