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Chart Forum Rules

The forum rules are listed in order of importance. Your co-operation in maintaining a friendly and helpful atmosphere will be appreciated.

  Treat other members, communities and the forum with respect at all times.

We will not tolerate derogatory or disrespectful comments regarding race, religion, gender or sexuality; nor flames, insults, sarcasm or personal attacks on other members.

  Show courtesy and tolerance

You are welcome to disagree with opinions, ideas, and facts, but please do not take conflicting views as personal criticism -- it would be a boring world if we all shared the same opinions. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to attack, harass or pester other members. 

  Stay on topic

Trading and technical analysis are serious subjects. Please keep your posts relevant to the topic and confine any banter to the Back Page.

  No ramping

Ramping or stock tipping (without analysis) will not be accepted. Posts, outside of the General section, should be limited to technical analysis, fundamental analysis or trading systems.

  Do not promote or advertise other software, websites, books or training courses

The Forum is provided as a free service by Incredible Charts. Please respect that and do not promote or advertise other software, websites, books or training courses.  We have no objection to members posting useful links, but we object to members continuously or repeatedly promoting specific software, websites, books or training courses. 

  Disclose commercial interests

Members who have a direct or indirect interest (whether as employee, agent, shareholder or partner) in any commercial venture connected with shares, securities, currencies or derivatives are required to disclose such interests in their Forum Profile. They are not, however, allowed to promote or advertise their interest in any posts on the Forum.

Failure to disclose any such interest will be viewed as a deliberate attempt to mislead Forum members and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

A privately-owned company, trust or super fund that solely invests or trades in stocks/securities for a members own benefit is not a "commercial venture" and need not be disclosed.

  Stick to the format when discussing stocks

Ground rules when discussing stocks or securities:

  1. Limit your submissions to one or two stocks and don't post your whole watchlist;
  2. Identify the time frame as:
    (a) short (10 days or less),
    (b) medium term (2 weeks to 3 months), or
    (c) long (more than 3 months);
  3. Identify bullish/ bearish stock signals;
  4. Avoid making recommendations like "buy this stock" or statements like "this is bound to go up 50% in the next 10 days".

  Do not use this forum for investment advice

None of the members of this Forum (as far as we know) are licensed financial advisors. Please do not interpret any of the content as a securities recommendation nor use this forum as a substitute for investment advice from a qualified financial advisor. We remind visitors of their undertaking regarding General Advice under the Terms of Use of this site.

[Apologies for the legality but I would hate to see someone invest their life savings in ENE - only to find out later that it was Shonky's compass bearing]

  Verify information before acting upon it

We are unable to verify the facts contained in members' submissions. Please verify statements or information provided in this Forum before acting upon them.

  Ask the moderator to deal with objectionable posts

If you have a complaint regarding a post or private message, please contact the moderators rather than respond personally.

  Not our opinions

Messages express the thoughts and opinions of the writer and not Incredible Charts or the moderators.

  Review by your peers

A panel of five senior members, selected to represent a diverse range of views, review the forum and discuss all objections and issues raised. The moderators are not bound to act on the panel's recommendations, but undertake to disclose if any action taken is not in accordance with their advice.


Thank you.

Colin Twiggs


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